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​Reformer Privates

The Reformer is the most widely used Pilates equipment.  A Reformer class has its own repertoire of exercises with the ability to change the resistance of the springs, you'll get a full body workout! Stabilize your core and increase your flexibility.  Create longer, leaner, and stronger muscles as you work with progressive resistance offered by the Reformer.

​Mat Privates

Joseph Pilates originated Pilates with a series of Mat exercises.  A Pilates Mat class is done on a Mat, slightly thicker than a yoga mat.  Unlike a Reformer class, you'll use your own body to provide resistance to strengthen your 'core', back and abdominal muscles, as well as your legs, hips, arms and shoulders.  Light equipment may be used, such as Flex-bands, Fitness Circles and Arc Barrels.


Duets: 2 people Mat classes.  Start off with Mat and work your way up to Reformer and the Chair. 

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